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Annual Encounter

Make a one-time donation to Miami Capoeira Sol e Lua Cultural Arts Center, every little bit helps us offer more!

As a non-profit organization, our cultural arts center relies heavily on the generosity of donors like you to sustain our operations and programming. Your one-time donation will ensure that we can continue to offer accessible, high-quality cultural programming for years to come.

Our center is dedicated to preserving and promoting the rich cultural heritage of Afro-Brazilians through the arts.

We offer a range of programs and activities that showcase the vibrant music, dance, and visual arts traditions of Afro-Brazilian culture. These include dance classes, music workshops, art exhibitions, and cultural events that are open to the public.

Our center plays an important role in our community by providing a welcoming and inclusive space for people to learn about and engage with Afro-Brazilian culture. We believe that the arts have the power to connect people across cultures and build bridges of understanding and empathy.

Your support will help us continue to offer these important programs and activities to our community. Every donation, no matter the size, makes a difference in the lives of the people we serve.

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