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About Professor Tubarão

Professor Tubarão grew up training the art of Capoeira. He began his first movements as a young child. And began his official training at the age of 5 under Mestre Rã in Berkeley California. In 2004 he continued his training with Mestra Índia, his Mom,  in Miami Florida. He also trained percussion throughout his entire life.

travels and education.

Tubarão traveled several times as a child to Salvador Bahia and other parts of Brazil. This exposure to Capoeira, music, and the arts developed into a mastery and connection to Capoeira Brazilian Cultural Martial Arts and percussion. In 2012 he began teaching at Miami Capoeira Sol e Lua. His dedication and teachings have not only helped Sol e Lua Cultural Arts Center grow into a flourishing artistic movement center but also helped to expand it’s percussive music programs. Professor Tubarão is also an accomplished fine artist. He holds a Bachelor's in Fine Arts with a focus in Ceramics and a minor in Music with a focus in Brazilian Percussion. This combined artistic focus led him to make instruments through a variety of mediums such as rope, metal, animal hide, and ceramics, creating forms such as flutes, percussive and stringed instruments that are inspired by the cultures that have influenced his life.

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