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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

We are a Cultural Arts Center and Capoeira school situated in the heart of Miami, offering a diverse range of classes including Capoeira, Samba, Percussion, Brazilian Music, Portuguese Language, Art, Yoga, and much more. Our classes are available both in person and online, and we love to engage in beach practices, event performances, and fundraising activities. Our community fosters a supportive environment where teamwork and mutual encouragement are encouraged, and we take pride in each other's accomplishments.


Our Story

​Sol e Lua named for the balance of the Sun and Moon, Light and Dark, Feminine and Masculine that creates and sustains all life. We are proud members of the UCA (United Capoeira Association ) founded by Mestre Acordeon, Mestre Rã and Mestra Suelly.  We opened in 2009 and since have been providing enriching culturing educational programs in our community. We are proud of being a part of the expanding cultural growth in Miami. We promote the personal growth of each of our students at their own pace. The Cultural Arts Center implements a positive reinforcement approach and values itself on being supportive in its teaching tactics. Every one of our members is a link in the chain that makes our school a success. We enjoy practices on the beach, performing at events, and taking part in fundraisers. We are a welcoming community, who rally's an atmosphere of team work and mutual encouragement, and that thrives on one another’s successes.​​


Who We Are

About UCA

The UCA (United Capoeira Association) was born in the vision of Mestre Acordeon and Mestre Rã to create an organization where they could work together with similar philosophical ideals and yet preserve their own identities. Some of their American students then began teaching capoeira in different locations under the umbrella of UCA. As many capoeiristas and capoeira schools have embraced the system of "groups" as the paradigm of a capoeira organization, this strategy has proven to be very positive for the growth and survival of capoeira.

However, Mestre Acordeon is learned from a time when the concept of "group" was yet to be developed; therefore, UCA is not a group as understood in the capoeira context nor is it interested in many "chapters." UCA strives to be a community of students which appreciates and respects the collective work developing for all capoeira tendencies and approaches in Brazil and beyond.

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