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Annual Encounter

Become a monthly sustaining supporter of the Afro-Brazilian cultural arts.

The Mission of Sol e Lua Cultural Arts Center is to promote and teach Afro-Brazilian Arts, folklore, and culture. We will offer comprehensive, high-quality educational programs that enrich the lives of the people whom we serve, and encourage their cultural development.

As a contributor to the vision of Miami as a cultural mecca, the Miami Cultural Arts Center engages our diverse community and nourishes the exploration of the arts.

When you become a monthly sustaining supporter of the arts you help enrich your community and what it has to offer.

Automatic monthly donations allow you to give a specified amount each month which we will apply toward the growth of the programs we have to offer as well as to help students in their artistic journeys as it becomes possible from your donations in the form of scholarships and help with uniforms and art materials.

Regular, reliable donations make it easier for you as well as ourselves to budget and plan and truly make a difference for our capability to get things done efficiently.

Since our 501-C Non-For profit is just starting out this could help us lay out an impactful roadmap that will be a decision-maker in how we will grow and what we can offer to our community. This means that you can feel good about the changes you see as growth is most notable and exciting when you plant it from seed.

It all depends on like-minded people like you, who care about our curriculum of Afro-Brazilian Aerts, folklore, and culture and who feel that different art forms are an important part of a cultural mecca like Miami.

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