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Jackie Herrera was born in Lima-Peru, but raised listening to the sounds of percussion and Peruvian cajon in an Afro town south from the capital named Ica, scenario that motivated her passion for dance. Jackie started competing and performing in public at the age of 5. Later she continued to be part of cast of different Peruvian folkloric associations while in Peru, as well as, in the United States.


After studying different types of dance she fell in love with Brazilian Samba. She directs a Samba performing team while also teaching belly dance, Peruvian-Afro and Latin rythms at Miami-Dade College and other private dance studios. With over 25 years of experience in the dancing world Jackie continues to train and study dance and cultures more in depth. Her motivation is to build a strong base encouraging students to be aware of their movements, body placement, follow-lead techniques and empowering women to bring their best out without restrictions.


Samba de gafieira description:


Samba de Gafieira is a partner dance style to the Brazilian samba musical rhythms. The style originated in Rio de Janeiro-Brazil around the 1940's and its name was taken from the places where this style of dance was practiced. The "Gafieira" was a popular dance place frequented by the working class and locals where traditional Samba, Batuque, Bossa Nova, Chorinho & Pagode was played.  


Gafieira evolved mixing Samba No Pe steps, influence of the sharpness of Argentinian Tango and the sophistication of ballroom. It is a pair dance but in an artistic performance solo variations including steps from Samba no Pé are often added.


Check out our Miami Capoeira Sol e Lua Calendar to see her class times.



"I believe the most powerful buildings are not the best looking ones, but those that have a strong base and singular characteristics on their own. This is how I define students in their dance, where despite height, shape or background a good base shows, prevails and allows for growth" - Jackie Herrera

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