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Train,  believe in yourself, the results may just  lead you to better health and wellness!


  • Strength Training

  • Plyometrics

  • Flexibility

  • Aerobic Training

  • Capoeira Training

fitness training credentials.

ACE Certified (American Council on Exercise)

Sports Conditioning Specialty

Certification Mind Body Specialist Certification


Successful Completion of the following continuing education for teacher training courses:

  •   Diet Addiction and Recovery

  •   Vegetarian Nutrition

  •   Pilates Level 1 & 2 Mat Training

  •   PilatesFit

  •   Yoga for New Day Resource Series

  •   Exercise During Pregnancy

  •   The Essentials of Post-Rehab Fitness

  •   Specificity of Training and Deep Water

  •   The Vinyasa Specialist

  •   Training Programs for the Elderly

  •   Yoga Fit: *Cyclists *Elderly

  •   Fitstrike Kickboxing Fitness Instructor Training

  •   Twist Sport Core

  •   GMP Agility Balance Coordination Course

  •   Twist Sport Strength Chest and Back

  •   Twist Sport Strength Legs and Shoulders

  •   How to Design Sports Conditioning Workouts

  •   Body Thermoregulation and Hydration

  •   Fitness Professional's Guide to Sports Nutrition

  •   Fitness Nutritionist Specialist Program

  •   Zumba Instructor License Level 1 

  •   Yoga lean 2, Yoga Core, Yoga Strength   

  •   300 hours of Acupressure Massage Study at the         Acupressure Institute. Berkeley California.                  

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